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Customization and personalization can be seen all around us. Consumers are increasingly making a conscious choice for individually made products. No mass products, but products that fit their personality and lifestyle, with the reduction of their ecological footprint becoming an increasingly important factor.
Oddly enough, this hasn’t really penetrated the eyewear industry. This is still mostly based on mass production and pre-defined designs, where personalization and customization are not possible.
Because glasses are a product that is closely linked to the identity of the wearer, we at Sfered find that everyone should be able to wear personalized glasses, fully custom made and of any brand or design.

That’s why our concept is accessible to every manufacturer and brand that is looking for a unique way to add value to their proposition, using the latest innovation in software and 3D scanning technology.

After we have converted your collection into parametric models, you have complete control over every part of the frame, including full control over which components and options should be available for customization This transforms your collection into a virtual library of frames, where all parts are fully customizable, but always with respect to the original design. It is also possible to present your collections as a Virtual Try On or VTO solution to your customers. An innovative way to familiarize customers with all the possibilities you have to offer within your collections, without having to pre-produce it.

Please contact us and we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities

  • Open platform structure

    Aaccessible for every manufacturer

  • Customization and personalisation

    Customization and personalisation possible on every level

  • Virtual Try On

    Virtual Try On option to present customer full collections with all available options

  • Production tracking

    Production tracking options for effortless tracking while producing

  • Customization with respect

    Customization with respect to the integrity of the original design

  • State-of-the-art software

    State-of-the-art and user friendly software platform, customizable to any brand and looks

  • Useable production files

    Directly useable production files for most production methods, no conversion needed

  • Production methods

    Available for SLS printing, CNC milling and laser- and water cutting sheet metal

  • Lens data integration

    Lens data integration possible for the highest accurate alignment of frame and lens