Your personal glasses

Perfectly fitting in 4 simple steps.


with the Ipad PRO.
Turn your head for a perfect scan.


Choose from 12 different colours.

Personalize and order

Personalize to your style.
Now you can order your custom glasses.

Personalized custom glasses

At Sfered we believe that something as personal as your glasses should be made exclusively for everyone. So no one-size-fits-some frame like thousands of others but a pair of glasses that is unique, made only for you and perfectly matching your face and lifestyle. And because every pair of glasses is made to order, it is also considerably less harmful to the environment

How it works

Using the latest technology in 3D scan technology, your optician first takes a 3D scan of the face. Next choose your favourite frame and create a personalized pair of glasses with your optician on our user-friendly software platform. Fully tailored to your wishes and sizes, with the simplicity of taking a selfie: no complicated devices involved.

With just one press on the button, the frame is then send to the manufacturer to start the production for you immediately. Easy as one, two ,tree, four!