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Sfered Intelligence is an Amsterdam-based software developer, founded in 2012 by Sybren de Graaf and Peter Tutuarima, an architect and an optician. As experienced experts in their field, they were very surprised at the limited possibilities for customization and personalization in the eyewear industry. A personal item like your glasses deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach? They decided to develop the technology that makes this possible. By linking the expertise of an architect and an optician, a unique concept for custom made glasses was born.

Sfered Intelligence: a perfect match between customer and eyewear

Being able to offer the highest form of customization, where restrictions were no longer the norm but only the exception, required a new way of approach that has not been matched to this day. The combination of parametric designs, a high-quality and user-friendly 3D scanning device and the latest facial recognition software combined, ensure perfect customization in optical frames, with no limitations and an accuracy in fit of 0.1 mm!
Meanwhile, Sfered Intelligence has become an important business partner for both national and international companies in their quest for unique and intelligent ways to stand out from the competition. Sfered therefore offers independent and innovative solutions for opticians and manufacturers who want to offer their customers more.